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House Cleaning

needakleener will clean your home on a Regular basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your requirments. We use our own Cleaning Products and we can clean the same area's each clean, such as Bathrooms, Toilets, etc... or Cleaning Duties may change each visit.

We will endeavour to use the same experienced staff every visit so

a relationship is built between yourself and the Professional needakleener.

A minimum of two hours per visit is required and needakleener will stay for as long as you wish, so if you have another small cleaning job to complete, simply ask your needakleener to stay a little longer.

Rates are charged in 15 minute intervals after the First 2 Hour minimum.



needakleener eco friendly cleaning products

needakleener takes Active Measures to reduce our impact on the environment

If you are sensitive about chemical products, or you suffer from Asthma or Allergies, Have small children or Pets, we can use ECO PRODUCTS to clean your home.

100% Natural and Safe, CHEMICAL FREE, Non Toxic, Non Acid, Biodegradable,

Odour Free and No Petro chemicals.

We can also Use a Steam Mop  on Your Floors, rather than a conventional mop to kill all Bacteria in your home.

There is a small fee for using ECO Products because unfortunately they still cost more to purchase.

The steam mop also takes a little longer but leaves a fabulous finish to your beautiful home.